How to rectify a problem when installed plugin with incompatibility issues.

There are things that you should be very alert when thinking of upgrading your wordpress, plugins, themes or etc. The foremost is always backup your data.  You never know when something gets screwed up and the best thing to do is to revert back to its previous working state.

Let say while adding a new plugins you encounter an incompatibility issues where suddenly your page doesn’t appear even though it shows that the plugins has been installed successfully. The incompatibility might due to platform version (e.g. wordpress version) that is not up-to-date. Do not panic if you cannot login to your dashboard to deactivate the plugins. The 2 steps below could help you to correct the conditions.

  1. Using FTP, go to the folder where your new just installed plugins located. Usually in /wp-content/plugins/xxxx/. xxxx is your just installed plugin name.
  2. Remove the xxx folder to other location or you can delete the xxxx folder.

Once you removed the xxx folder your website should be back alive.

You should avoid using the just installed plugin until you upgrade your wordpress version that is compatible with the plugins. Or you may use other plugins that have a similar function. That is the beauty of using wordpress platform where there are a lot of alternative with similar functions plugin built for free or with a small donations.

If you desperately want to use the plugin, 3 steps below could guide you on how could you proceed.

  1. Backup all your data first!
  2. Upgrade your wordpress version to at least the one that compatible with your plugins (the compatible data may be available  in the plugin website)
  3. Now installed and activate the plugins

Your plugin should work properly now and have fun with it. 🙂

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