How to choose the right keywords for SEO

Selecting keywords for your internet marketing for SEO or Search Engine Optimization on the website is a balance of an art and science. There would be a standard process in researching as well as to know the motivation and behavior of your customer. Always prepare with a 3 W that comprise of Who? What? and Why?

Who are your target visitors?
What is your site for?
Why the visitors come?

The next thing is to choose the keywords based on your answer. This is where the psychology of how and why people search. Most of the people search the internet for info, solution and answers.

  1. What is relevant? When you compile the keywords, sort out highly relevant that you offer. If one search for targeted words, will they eager to purchase what you are selling? Try to avoid choosing words with the highest search volume.
  2. What words do they use? You need to think like them. E.g. instead of using “real estate for sale” which is from realtors mind, try to use “homes for sale”.
  3. Be in detail. Customers prefer to use detail phrases and singular rather than plurals form. Such an example, a buyer looking for new furniture tends to type “leather sofa” compare to “leather sofas”. Detail keyword is also much faster to rank high due to fewer competitions.
  4. Customer Phrases. They will usually use keywords with 3 to 4 words or even longer. Customer phrase are detaiedl and consists of model and make or detail places and areas as lookup become refined.
  5. Too Narrow or Broad. Too narrow phrase won’t give you sufficient traffic. Need for a proper balance for the market. If you a caterer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, don’t target “Sarawak caterer” if you only served around Klang Valley.

SEO choosing the right keywords

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